Kenneth Shields

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Indianapolis. I received my Ph.D in philosophy in 2016 at the University of Missouri. I am currently teaching medical ethics and introduction to ethics here at UIndy.

My research interests are in Metaethics (sometimes called Metanormativity), Moral Psychology, Experimental Philosophy and Philosophy of Disability (specifically autism and neurodiversity). I have a variety of secondary interests, including Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Psychology, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Human Nature, and Metaphysics. My paper (with David Beversdorf) “A Dilemma for Neurodiversity” is currently being revised and prepared for publication.

I am a researcher and teacher in the field of philosophy, but I also have arranged and organized events in my discipline (e.g., visiting speakers, philosophy conferences and workshops, departmental events). My teaching experience is primarily in ethics and logic, and my research focuses on foundational questions concerning ethical thought and practice. I take my work to be part of an extended dialogue and investigation into morality and human nature, going back to Plato’s Republic.

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